Kodiak, Alaska

Sitka Blacktail Hunts

Guided or DIY, the choice is yours on this Sitka Blacktail hunt on the southern part of Kodiak.

DIY hunts are boat based from a 67' yacht. Each morning the crew will transport you to the shore to hunt and then at the end of the day, get you back to the boat for a hot meal in a comfortable heated cabin. Kodiak is a very target rich environment. We recommend buying 2 tags and shooting the first buck as a solid representative and hunt hard for a trophy with your second tag. These hunts are 100% do-it-yourself. The crew can not help with anything other than act as transport to and from the island. You must be prepared and capable of hunting and handling your game meat on your own or within your group.

The guided hunts are based out of heated cabins along the shoreline in a remote location on the island. Hunting here is typically done a little later in the year when the deer have started to move down out of the high country and closer to the beach. The outfitter has transported some ATV's to this camp so that almost anyone with physical limitations can do this hunt. The bucks typically taken in camp range from 85" up and over 100".

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Sitka Blacktail on Kodiak