Eastern Canada Moose

Remote Drop Camp Hunts - These hunts are conducted in the remote wilderness and are an experience that is unmatched in the moose hunting world. With the use of helicopters, you are able to be dropped off in a location that is unaccessible by any other form of travel. Getting away from the road system is a huge key to success. Not only will you see more moose, you will see more mature animals on average. You will typically see bulls in the 40-50" range with some bulls spreading the tape even further.


Kodiak, Alaska

DIY Sitka Blacktails

An experience like no others. Charter a small plane into a remote town on Kodiak Island. From there, the 67' boat is your mode of transportation around the southern part of the island. Take a small raft from the yacht to shore and begin your hunt each day. This is a target rich environment, and the bonus, you can buy up to 3 buck tags.



Free-Range Red Deer

As a top hunting destination for a variety of animals, this outfitter in Argentina knows what it takes to host a great hunt in a game rich environment. Just a few species you can hunt with this outfitter include red deer (free-range or high-fenced), black buck, fallow deer, hogs, water buffalo, and more.



Trophy Elk and Mule Deer

Owned and operated by Remi Warren, Montana OutWest Outfitters has become one of the top outfits when it comes to client success. Offering general deer and elk, spring bear, and an application service for the trophy deer and elk units in our area that guarantees you a spot in camp if you draw.


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