Moose Hunts

It's no secret that Newfoundland has the highest density of moose per square mile in North America. With the thick timber, blow-downs, and infinite amount of bogs, the whole island is a moose paradise.

Base Camp Hunts -Enjoy the added luxury of hunting for Eastern Canadian Moose out of a remote base camp overlooking a beautiful backcountry lake. The camp is consists of 2 bunk cabins with wood stoves, and a separate cabin with the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom with running water. 

Access to this camp and hunting area is by helicopter only, ensuring that no other outfitters or locals will be putting any hunting pressure on this area. Hunts are conducted Sunday to Sunday, which are the in and out days since there is no hunting on Sundays in Newfoundland. From this camp, you can expect to see numerous moose with opportunities at bulls between 30-45". 

Remote Drop Camp Hunts - These hunts are conducted in the remote wilderness and are an experience that is unmatched in the moose hunting world. With the use of helicopters, you are able to be dropped off in a location that is unaccessible by any other form of travel. Getting away from the road system is a huge key to success. Not only will you see more moose, you will see more mature animals on average. You will typically see bulls in the 40-50" range with some bulls spreading the tape even further.

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Remote Newfoundland Hunts