Free-Range Red Deer in Argentina

$6,300.00 USD

Argentina is one of the top destinations in the world for free range red deer. The quantity and quality of the deer in this area doesn't get much better. This premium lodge offers one of Argentina’s best spots for hunting Red Deer along with almost a dozen big game species. A meeting place of endless Calden woods, green plains, low hilly terrain and abundant fauna. A mix that assures unique scenery for a truly wild hunting experience maximizing the chances of facing monster Red Deer stags. 

The most common hunt package would be a full week Red Stag program which includes 7 nights lodging, 6 days of hunting. The trophy fee for 1 free range stag. One on one guide basis.  

You also have the option to add other species to your hunt on a trophy fee basis. Please contact us for a custom package and price if you wish to include more animals! 


- Contact for availability 

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